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"@4thPlaceCo DOES NOT F*** AROUND." - It's All Been Done: A Barenaked Ladies Podcast

"One of the most comfortable pieces of clothing I own." - Joe K.

"My life used to be in shambles, but then I discovered Big Peepee Club and it saved my marriage. Thanks BPC!" - Scot L.

"I'm upset at how high quality it is." - John M.

"Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service. You should make a Google Business account and I will use all 7 emails I have to leave good reviews :)" - Meg Z.

"Love it!" - Betsy I.

"As soon as I put this tanktop on, I felt my life change for the better." - Zachary C.

"Best $32 I've ever spent I think." - Levon S.

"It's amazingly soft. I don't know if I can wear regular shirts ever again" - Audra T.

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