Frequently Asked Questions

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Big Peepee Club

Big Peepee Club? How dare you!

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Great question!


How long do items take to ship?

We work with a few different printing companies, so it depends on the item and end location. United States-bound single t-shirt orders take roughly a week, multiple shirt orders can take a few extra days. Certain items like bomber jackets can take up to 6 weeks. If you have questions about a specific item, feel free to hit us up at the Contact tab and we'll get you the info you're looking for. Also, the infrastructure of the USPS has been under attack by a corrupt postmaster general recently so that can throw an extra wrench in our expected delivery times. Sorry about that. Call your representatives!

How accurate are these product images?

Very close! Shirts are only printed once they're ordered, so shirts may not look exactly the same as they do on our site (there may be small white outlines on the edges of certain colored designs due to minute differences in print placement, etc.). We hope you're still happy with the final result; please contact us if that is not the case.

There's a problem with my order! Help!

Head over to the Contact page and hit us up with your Order Number and the issue itself. We'll ask for images of the problem items in a reply so we can forward them to the printer and get things sorted out. This is also where we should write a very formal "since everything is made-to-order, no refunds" policy, but we'd really like you to be happy with your order so just let us know what the issue is and we'll do our sincere best to satisfy you.

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