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The Team

griffin painting.jpg

Griffin Voyls: The Head Honcho. Not sure if that title really matches the majesty of the portrait, to be honest.


The Head of the Board, an investor and consultant with a real job that would likely frown upon their name and face being listed here.

Our Cool Friends


2d6 are two pals who happen to rap about nerd stuff like video games and being unpopular at parties.

A perfect fit for us.


Chris Quay was cyberbullied into working with us.

For just $2 a month, you can make sure he gets an education and a nice hot meal.

1A2AD20A-582B-40E1-8467-25ADD17652D5 (1)

Els is the soul behind St. Marigold©, as well as an occasional guest artist for our other lines. She puts up with a lot.


Wraith Games make, you guessed it, games. Somehow, they haven't bought us out yet,

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